Wohnkultur 66

first time on view in Berlin: Tableware & Accessories by Arthur Salm

front left: “Neptune” bottle opener produced by Carl Auböck for Arthur Salm

v.n.l.r.: “The Royal Cigarette box”, “Scissors + Letter Opener Set”, “Jigger/Table Bell”, “Amadea” cigarette box, “Caravelle” desk set

middle: “Lusitania” salad serving set, design: Clayton A. Laughlin, 1964 – right: “The Cheshire” rotating cheese box, right/front: “The Viennese Serving Forks”

middle: in wooden box “Marcella” game shears & “The New Delmonico Salad Serving Set”, design: Clifford V. Johnson + Arthur Salm, 1958

left on table: “Carousel” combining “Malmo” condiment dishes with ladles + “Scandia” salt and pepper shakers, right on the table: “Komet” candle holders

left/middle: “Servette” salt and pepper shaker set, “Skagerak” pitcher, “Asgaard” gravy boat with ladle, “Imperial” carving set, design: Clayton A. Laughlin, 1968

middle: “The Stockholm Tray Set” 3 trays with ladles, “Svaneholm Tray”, “The Delmonico Snack Set” + “The Viennese Cake Knife and Spatula Set”

left crossed: “Titus” knife/server: will cut anything from angelcake, to hard cheese and salami – and serve it, too! Middle: “Cocktail forks” produced by Carl Auböck, right: “Condiment Bowl Set” with 3 bowls no. 585

middle/front: extreme rare: “The Contura Steak Knife Set” 4 pieces + in black vase “The Contura Carving Set” beside: “The Cleaverette-Serrette Combination” frozen food saw + cleaver

right corner on the table: “Mood Moderne” flatware, design: Sam H. Bordelon, 1952/1953, 6 pieces, Winner of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD of the Museum of Moderrn Art

Photos by Andreas Weiss, www.andreasweiss.org